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Thank you for being so thorough and exceptional
April 14, 2010

My name is Keith Ward and you provided laser surgery to me on December 4th, 2009. I have a few comments about my experience and you may share them on your website if you would like.

I was very impressed with the professional structure of the full process from Hale Vision. This includes your supplying information on laser surgery, the available financing, the precision measurements you obtain and the verbal walk through by Dr. Hale of my surgery, including what I would see, feelings I would have, sounds I would hear and the odors I may smell. Another thing I was impressed with is Hale VisionĂ¢Â¬"s ability to be on time with the appointments you set. There is no sitting around and waiting. I also, wanted to thank you for allowing me to have someone that wanted to watch the surgery through camera views, do so, from a private room with one of your staff to walking them through each step of what was occurring. Each and every person responsible for me made sure I knew they were available to answer any questions I have, at any time before and after the surgery. Your vision center is a class act!

Only one thing that would have made my own personal experience a little better would have been stronger guidance on whether or not to have mono-vision surgery. It was a hard decision for me, since I never considered that option. However after reading some of the information you distributed just before the surgery, I found I had made the correct choice for my age.

I selected Hale Vision Laser and Implant Center for my surgery based on the recommendation of Mark A. Dagenais OD, of The Eye Group, S.C. You may thank him for the recommendation. I have thanked him on my behalf. I have already recommended your facility to others that are thinking of having laser vision surgery.

Thank you for being so thorough and exceptional,

Keith Ward

(262) 789-9179

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