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Technis question
October 2, 2006

Frank Asks: Interested in Technis Iol Z9000. They make remarkable claims on restoring full functional sight. Your comments please.

The Technis intraocular lens was the first to employ the concept of higher order aberration correction into an IOL. This is similar, in a limited way, to what we try to do with our wavefront guided Lasik treatments. The cornea and the natural lens have certain amounts of spherical aberration. For years, standard lenses used after cataract removal have not addressed these factors. The Technis did. There were tests that indicated that this improved contrast sensitivity and overall night vision. Most of the manufacturers have or are in the process of making similar lenses available. This type of lens is not necessarily for everyone as some eyes may not need a fixed amount of spherical aberration correction, so there are several different lenses available with different amounts of correction in them. It is important to seek a refractive type surgeon involved in cataracts (lens removal) versus a cataract doctor trying to adjust to refractive surgery concepts.

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