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January 10, 2006

Jeff asks:

Are the ReSTOR and ReZOOM lenses the same, are there really 3 types of Acrysof IOLs?

I think we talked about the first part in an earlier post. ReSTOR and ReZOOM are both multifocal implants, with different mechanisms. The ReSTOR employs a diffractive central optic area and is stronger at near than any other implant (see the AMO website about this lens) and the ReZOOM is multizonal with different rings of power that cover the entire lens and seems to be better in the distance and intermediate ranges.

There are three types of Acrysof IOLs, not counting the ReSTOR which is bulit on the same basic platform. The 1)Original-standard monofocal, foldable IOL, 2) Natural-the original with UV and blue light filtering and the 3) IQ which is a thinner version of the Natural to go through smaller incisions.

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