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December 6, 2011

I have been wearing glasses ever since I was in the second grade. Throughout the years, my eyes got progressively worse until I exceeded a minus 11 in both my left and right eye. I became completely dependent on glasses or contact lenses. That dependency also leads to worrying about what would happen if you lost your glasses or contact lenses when traveling. I had no way of traveling with such bad eye sight. Swimming in a pool required using just my thick glasses. No matter what style of frames I purchased , it was unattractive to be looking through the bottom of a coke bottle. The whole situation was a disability that I thought I would have to live with the rest of my life.

I started researching lasik surgery about ten years ago, but never followed through with it because of that fear of having my eyes operated on. What would happen if something went wrong? Last year I finally came to the conclusion that this is a very common and safe procedure. My only question was  who was going to be the one to perform the surgery? Lots of research led me to Dr. Hale. I would only have this done by the one that has the best record of success. Thats Dr. Hale.

One year ago, at age 50, I had the procedure done. Dr Hale examined me and decided that he would try to get me close to perfect vision. I, at this point would have been happy just to wear a prescription set of glasses that werent as thick. Perfection was not at all what I was expecting.

The day of the surgery, the staff had me totally prepared. I was coached on the full procedure, given a happy pill and prepped for the procedure. Dr Hale informed me step by step of what to expect as he preformed the procedures. I was very relaxed and comfortable about everything he did. It was over before I knew and I was sent home to sleep. The next morning I had an exam and could see like I never had before. By the time I had my one month checkup, I was reading the line on the charts below the 20 line. I now have better vision than the most people that have perfect vision.

Dr Hale always had faith that I would have perfect vision. He just thought it may take an extra procedure to do it. That would have been fine with me because the process was so painless and simple. Not only did it only take one, but it far exceeded my expectations.

Dr Hale changed my life in a very profound way. Its like being cured of a debilitating illness. I can see on my own, and I can see well. What a gift!

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