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The TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision Laser & Implant Center now features the Wavelight Advanced Refractive Suite which consists of the EX500 excimer laser for refrative correction and the FS200 femtosecond laser for flap creation. Lasik is a two step process and it is our goal to make each step as safe and precise as possible. This has evolved into an all-laser process, utilizing a separate laser in each step of the process. These two systems will be discussed below.

On October 7, 2003, the United States Food and Drug Administration originally approved the Wavelight laser system for the treatment of nearsightedness and astigmatism. Since then, on going developments have led to the ground breaking approval of Contoura in November 2015. Contoura, a topographic guided system of vision correction, now sets the standard based on the outstanding data reviewed and accepted by the FDA. Only at TLC Milwaukee/Hlae Vision is blade-free Contoura treaatment available in the Milwaukee area.
WaveLight EX500

WaveLight FS200
Over the years, Dr. Hale has been certified on a number of different laser systems. His main goal always being to provide the people of Southeatern Wisconsin with the best available technology for their vision correction needs. For many years he favored the Visx laser system since its introduction in 1996, and had been an active physician trainer for the Visx system for 17 years. Our state-of-the-art surgical facility, SIGHTLab, possessed the most advanced model of the Visx system for many years. With his association in 2015 with TLC Milwaukee, Hale Vision was able to upgrade to the latest high speed version of the WaveLight laser system and provide his patients with the new CONTOURA treatments, the best ever seen by the FDA.

On August 19, 2005, Dr. Hale became the first refractive surgeon in Wisconsin to install and use the new Visx Star S4 IR system. IR or Iris Registration is the latest step in CustomVue technology pioneered by Visx. The idea is to ensure the best alignment of the laser treatment pattern possible. The eye tends to rotate when a person changes from the seated to the lying position. This is often a fairly small amount but at times can be quite significant. In the past, it has been the surgeon's responsibility to adjust the patients' position to correct this rotation. Since then, TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision has upgraded to the latest Wavelight EX500 system with an advanced IR system as well as topographic guided treatment capability known as CONTOURA. CONTOURA yielded the best post operative vision data ever seen by the FDA in the many years of laser vision correction studies.
Rotation can occur when the patient changes from the seated to the lying position. This can result in a misalignment of the laser treatment pattern.
While the surgeon must always be prepared to make any necessary adjustments, the IR system aids the surgeon in this task. It starts at the examination, when an infrared image of the iris is obtained in the seated position and analyzed for the various characteristic features of the individuals' iris. At the time of surgery, another infrared image is taken when lying under the laser and these images are compared. Any recognized rotation is then compensated for by rotating the treatment pattern in the laser software prior to treatment.
Image degradation occurs when the treatment is not properly aligned. The lower row shows the effect on the image quality with increasing rotation from 1 to 30 degrees.
In December of 1999, the Intralase FS laser was granted 510-K approval for creation of LASIK flaps. This marked a new era of vision correction technology. This represented the first of the Star Trek era technology where we use energy to produce an incision rather than a steel blade. In 2003, Hale Vision installed the first Intralase laser in the Milwaukee area, and after several upgrades, installed the first and only 5th generation Intralase iFS system in 2011. In 2015 Hale Vision associated with North Americas largest laser vision correction provider, TLC Laser Centers, and upgraded to the current WaveLight FS200 model femtosecond, flap creating laser. This device creates plasma energy pulses at an astounding 200,000/second and was used to fashion the most sophisticated, corneal flap for our advanced LASIK procedures. This differs from the handheld, bladed microkeratome that creates a flap thats shape is often altered by the pre-existing shape of the eye. The FS200 is not sensitive to the pre-existing eye shape and therefore has a lower complication rate in the area of flap creation. The FS200 also creates a flap that has more uniform thickness than flaps created by a bladed device. This is important when we are attempting to make extremely small shape corrections with our second step, the excimer treatment laser. The combination of the FS200 and an excimer laser (WaveLight EX500) has been scientifically shown to produce the best possible LASIK results using the newly approved topography guided system.


Hale Vision was proud to introduce the Pentacam HR to the Southeastern Wisconsin area in 2007. This is the most advanced scanning technology available for the detection of early corneal disease that would preclude a patient from having laser corneal surgery. While only (1/2000) people have the conditions known as Keratoconus (KC) and Marginal Pellucid Degeneration (PMD), it is imperative that these patients are identified as they will usually suffer a worsening of their condition if laser corneal surgery, especially LASIK, is performed.
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