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Conventional, Optimized, CustomVue on T-Cat Treatments?

"Conventional" Treatments

What are now called "Conventional" treatments were the earliest form of laser treatment and were based upon measurements obtained from the tried and true phoropter instrument. This is the instrument that you sit behind and answer the seemingly endless stream of questions, "Which is better one or two?" that ultimately allow us to determine your eyeglass prescription in terms of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. This data is then entered into the laser's computer for your treatment.

We have treated over 10,000 eyes with conventional technology, and although this was groundbreaking technology at one time, Hale Vision's mission is to deliver the highest quality vision correction care available at all times. With this in mind, the next step in the evolution was iLASIK and wavefront guided laser treatments provided by the Visx S4 IR laser system. These treatments began in 2003 with the addition of the first femtosecond flap laser in the Milwaukee area in 2004.

As time passed, more advanced treatment forms were developed. The FDA approved the Wavelight system for Wavefront Optimized treatments in 2003, Wavefront guided treatments in 2006, and topography guided treatments in 2016. Topography guided of T-Cat treatments are often considered the most accurate around the world.
We also invite you to read the official Visx Patient Information PDF documents:
General Information about Lasik and PRK

CustomVue Treatments

On May 23, 2003 the FDA approved the VISX Wavefront Guided CustomVue laser vision correction treatment and set a new standard for vision correction, with the potential to enable better vision than contacts or glasses, even at night.

CustomVue treatments are based upon measurements obtained from the VISX WaveScan aberrometer, a new diagnostic system that captures a "fingerprint" of the eye which is 25 times more precise than what was previously measurable by the conventional phoropter method. In addition, the WaveScan evaluates more than nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, as it captures other, more specific imperfections in each individual's vision. This data is then used to generate an individualized CustomVue treatment.

Since its' introduction, wavefront-guided CustomVue treatments have become the new gold standard of excimer laser refractive treatments. We have experienced a definite increase in 20/20 postoperative uncorrected visual acuities and an almost doubling of patients seeing 20/15 or better after surgery. It has also been determined that a patient is ten times less likely to complain of night vision issues following customized treatments vs. the older conventional treatments.
In August of 2005, SIGHTLab, our state-of-the-art surgical facility, became the first facility in Wisconsin to use the new Visx Star S4 Iris Registration system. This system utilizes infrared technology to map the individual characteristics of the human iris during the analysis portion of the patients' workup.
Rotation can occur when the patient changes from the seated to the lying position. This can result in a misalignment of the laser treatment pattern.
When the patient is positioned under the laser for treatment, another infrared camera compares those characteristics and aligns the treatment pattern to adjust for the normal eye rotation that occurs when a patient shifts from the seated position to the lying position.
The Iris Registration system recognizes and corrects and misalignment in the laser treatment pattern.
Even fairly small rotations can degrade the effect of the laser treatment and, subsequently, the quality of the patients' visual result.
Image degradation occurs when the treatment is not properly aligned. The lower row shows the effect on the image quality with increasing rotation from 1 to 30 degrees.

"WaveFront Optimized" Treatments

Another type of laser refractive treatment is called "Optimized" or "Wavefront Optimized". This treatment represents a hybrid between Conventional and Custom Wavefront Guided treatments. The Optimized treatments are based off the traditional refractive measurements and not from an aberrometer as are wavefront guided treatments. An optimized treatment is a conventional treatment "optimized" by the addition of a spherical aberration adjustment (one of the major higher order aberrations measured by an aberrometer). This correction factor is obtained by large amounts of population based data. This treatment represents an improvement over the "Conventional" treatment and, in some studies, compares favorably to wavefront guided treatments, partly due to its enlarged treatment zone which aids to reducing night vision issues.

"Topo-Guided" Treatments

The latest form of refractive treatment is called "Topography-Guided". These treatments were found to yield the best vision results the FDA has ever seen in the treatment of nearsightedness and astigmatism. This technology has been available in other countries for the past ten years and has become the method of choice for experts around the world. At TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision we proud to be one of the only centers in the area that can provide this state-of-the art treatment and our highly experienced team of professionals are there to help all of our patients reach their ultimate visual results. Ask us about the CONTOURA treatments, which is the brand name used by Wavelight laser systems for these advanced corrections. You can also check out the CONTOURA video in the "Video Library" under "Resources" on this site.
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