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Many patients believe that all LASIK is the same. It is in as much as it means that the surgeon creates a flap of corneal tissue and then reshapes the cornea beneath the flap with an excimer laser. In reality, there are a number of potential versions of LASIK when you take into account the various devices available to create a corneal flap and then the various lasers that can be used to reshape the cornea beneath. It is this potential variety that leads to the multiple choices/multiple prices system employed by many centers. TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision possesses the only high speed Wavelight Surgical Suite in Milwaukee, no other center provides "the same" LASIK procedure. They may be "similar" but not the same. Only at TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision is the latest Topo-guided CONTOURA procedure available in combination with the highest speed bladeless flap creating technology.

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We are the hardest working refractive surgery professionals in the Milwaukee area. We will always go the extra step for our patients. Whether it's extended or Saturday hours for consultations, early evening pre-surgical meetings with Dr. Hale to avoid the anxiety of same day meeting of your surgeon. We are the professionals who brought Milwaukee its first Visx Star laser in 1997, its first Intralase femtosecond in 2004, its first AAAHC approved in-office eye surgery suite for laser and implant procedures in 2008, the first BBB approved refractive private practice, and the list goes on. In 2011 the Shepherd Express, the publication with the longest running public pole for services and providers in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, asked its readers to select the "Best Of" as they have every year for over 20 years. One of the many categories was a new one entitled "Best Lasik Surgeon". That inaugural award went to Dr. Hale of Hale Vision. As one of a handful of surgeons in the country approved to train and certify other physicians in the use of the most popular FDA approved lasers, the Visx Star and the Intralase, as well as his work with the Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute resident training program, no other surgeon is as devoted to the well being of the refractive surgical community and its patients than Dr. Hale. Dr. Hale and Hale Vision went on to win the "Best Of" again in 2012, 2013 and was runner-up in 2014. A new award "Top Choice" in Milwaukee was started in 2016 and Dr. Hale and TLC Milwaukee won that distinction also.

And it doesn't stop with Dr. Hale. He has assembled a very experienced and dedicated staff to work with patients in their quest for a life free from the dependency of glasses and contact lenses. At TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision we also don't stop at laser options as there are definite situations where there are other, sometimes better, options to Lasik and PRK. You will find those options are available which allows for a more complete list of choices for the patient. Some patients will have anatomical issues that may preclude them from having the more common laser procedures, but rather than a blanket rejection, we may be able to offer alternatives that the "laser only" providers cannot.
At the TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision Laser & Implant Center, you are treated as a unique individual, not as part of an assembly line. Our practice is very strict in limiting the number of patients they perform surgery on in one day. This approach enables our surgeon and the team to stay fresh and alert throughout the surgical process.

We strive to bring our patients to their best corrected vision. Often, doctors lacking skill or experience may feel uncomfortable performing retreatments if a patient's visual acuity is 20/40 or better. As long as it is medically safe to do so, Dr. Hale will proceed with a retreatment if it is your desire.

The focus of our practice is medicine, not business. We DO NOT have stockholders or out of state corporate owners to answer to. We DO NOT cut corners to increase profit. We DO NOT operate in high volume with an overworked staff so as to discount our price and consequently, allow our level of care to suffer. We do everything possible to reduce the incidence of error by being thorough and meticulous. We DO NOT allow medical decisions to be influenced by cost issues.

As "fast and easy" as LASIK is thought to be by the general public, it is still surgery with all its inherent risks. In the event of a complication, our surgeon's expertise can be invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of such. This expertise may make the difference between a problem recognized and properly treated and a problem misdiagnosed or overlooked resulting in further complications.

For more information, please read the many testimonials our patients have provided about their experiences at the TLC Milwaukee/Hale Vision Laser & Implant Center.
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