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Our patients come from a wide range of occupations and backgrounds. Amongst them are several hundred doctors and lawyers, many fire and police personnel, pilots, radio and television personalities, judges, a state supreme court justice, professional athletes, rock stars and many business leaders.

A number of our patients were kind enough to share their experiences and express how vision correction surgery has affected their lives.
"After looking at different places I chose to have my Lasik procedure at Hale Vision. I am extremely happy with the results. I went from 20/100 vision to better than 20/20. Dr. Hale is extremely passionate about his work and does an excellent job explaining the procedure. The staff members are knowledgeable and very friendly. I am also pleased with how clean and well kept the office is. I highly recommend Dr. Hale and his team!" Dr. Seth Barr
LASIK has definitely catered to my nomadic lifestyle and has allowed me to experience things most people dream of. My job requires me to deploy to Antarctica often and never had the need to get LASIK been so clear. Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest place on earth and can be very inhospitable to human life. I can recall during the heart of my first Antarctic winter, going out with a group of people to view the wonder known as the aurora australis or the "southern lights" and while wearing my glasses. The temperatures were well in the negatives, the wind was whipping, and it was pitch black. The aurora display that night was absolutely stunning! The best anyone had seen in a while. Green, red, and violet lights danced in an enormous ring that filled the sky above our heads. But of course, in order to endure long exposures to the elements in Antarctica, every inch of exposed skin must be covered to prevent frostbite. This includes wearing a neck gator to protect your neck, nose, and mouth. Every time I exhaled, all the warm, moist air from my nostrils went straight up from my neck gator and into my glasses, creating a layer of fog. In naught but seconds, the fog instantly solidified into a layer of ice and blocked my eyes from viewing the incredible display of dancing lights. You can only imagine my frustration! Not only was it disappointing not being able to see the incredible show, but it was also unsafe not being able to see clearly, walking on ice and in the dark. Luckily, I had friends along to guide me. Before returning to Antarctica for the following winter, I made sure to get the LASIK surgery done. At first I was uneasy and nervous about it, but I kept the image of blurry and iced over southern lights in my head and forced myself to take the step. After having a conference with Dr. Hale, all my worries were put to ease. Now I have no problems viewing the aurora australis, penguins, or even swimming and diving, when I travel to warmer places around the world to "unthaw" later. I even deployed that following winter a month after having surgery. I was worried I would have problems with dry eyes, knowing that Antarctica's the driest place on earth, but I didn't have any issues. LASIK has definitely changed this traveler's life for the better.
Travis Groh

Justin Earl is for Hale Vision Laser and Implant Center It's been two months since I went in for the CustomVue LASIK at Hale Vision in Brookfield and (aside from losing 2 pairs of sunglasses) I'm as happy as I was on the day after I had the procedure. Dr. Lanny Hale and his entire crew did amazing work on me and I wholeheartedly recommend them. Everything from the first moment I walked in their doors for an exam to make sure I was a good candidate to my first follow-up (including the procedure, of course)made me very comfortable in my choice. I feel like a broken record trying to compliment Hale Vision because I have no complaints (which, if you know me, is a first). I was fortunate to be able to have the procedure done through WISN and I could write 1,000 words raving about the clinic and their work. Instead, I'll give you an idea of what to expect after LASIK. --Justin Earl, 6/1/2012
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Jerri Wilson Best Decision This was the best decision to go to Hale Vision. I had looked into other companies, but went with Hale due to their high level of professionalism, non-pushy approach, and thoroughness when evaluating my vision /eyes. The staff was experienced, friendly, and answered all questions that I had. They made me feel very comfortable the entire time. --Jerri Wilson, 7/31/2012

It has been about 5 years since my procedure. I simply wanted to follow up and let you know how thankful and fortunate I am to have had LASIK done by your team of professionals. Prior to the surgery I was going through a rough time with my vision. I could no longer wear contacts and my 20/2000 vision prevented me from enjoying active sports and hobbies that were dependant on excellent vision. I had dry eyes and was often uncomfortable while wearing glasses when working on computers at my graphic design job. The first LASIK surgeon I visited told me I was not a candidate for this type of procedure. Several months later I was delighted to discover I was a candidate by your requirements. Weeks later I was freed from glasses and contact lenses for the first time in my life. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) also had LASIK a couple years later and she has also had fantastic results! Five years later my vision is excellent and I could not be happier. One of my new hobbies is flying remote controlled airplanes. With only the help of polarized sun glasses I have excellent long distant vision. Visit my aerial photography website http://www.greatlakesimaging.net
Sincerely, Joshua

Finally choosing to get Lasik eye surgery was by far one of the best decisions of my life. At 25, I was tired of wearing glasses or contacts all the time at work or playing sports. This experience has been so life changing for me. I am still unconsciously reaching for my glasses in the morning! I am so relieved that I won't have to wear glasses again for many years to come! I highly recommend Dr Hale to anyone; he is highly qualified, very personable and does a great job.

Kelly Parish

From beginning to end it was smooth and professional. The staff and Dr. Hale kept me from worring about anthing by answering all questions right away. Day of the surgery was unbelieveably efficient. Only doctor's office where 4 of 4 appointments started on time.

Scott Harrison
I am 53 years old and I had Lasik surgery from Dr. Hale in January 2011. I cannot believe what a miracle was performed!
I had very bad eyes - I believe Dr. Hale said I was in the top 5% of bad eyes. I was very nearsighted and had a major astigmatism.
I wore glasses since the second grade and glasses/contacts for the rest of my life. In my 40's the need for 'reading glasses' began. I switched to monovision soft contacts and had pretty good quality of vision through my 40's. As my near-vision progressively deteriorated through age, my contacts became harder to fit and more uncomfortable. I am on the computer about 9 hours a day and the eye strain was unbearable. I begged for a large monitor at work, but still found I needed to close my eyes several times a day to reduce the eye strain. I started wearing glasses a majority of the time, but with my vision the glasses were so heavy (and they were small) that my ears and nose were very uncomfortable. I could not wait to go to bed at night to give my eyes a rest. I read fewer books because of the eye strain.

I then researched Milwaukee for Lasik specialists. I was sold on Dr. Hale because of the number of surgeries he has completed and his years dedicated to the cause. I scheduled a consultation, fully expecting to be rejected because my eyes were out of the range. I was told I was a good candidate mostly because of my thick corneas and that they thought I would have good success. They did say that my range would most likely need retreatment and that I should expect that as one possible outcome.
I scheduled my Lasik surgery in January 2011. After the first surgery, my left eye was perfect and my right eye was 20/50 and would need retreatment. They were assured they could get me very close to 20/20 or 20/30. What I couldn't believe was that I could read again! As long as I wanted!
In May, my right eye was retreated with great success! In December 2011, I had my last follow up appointment and my vision is 20/20!
I will never forget how grateful I am that I can see without help for the first time in 45 years! This is nothing short of a miracle and I thank Dr. Hale and his staff for the wonderful service!
ps - The teddy bear given for the surgery was an awesome touch!


First and foremost, I'd like to say thank you to Dr. Lanny Hale and his team for changing my life for the better. I had grown so tired of the daily hassle of dealing with contacts and glasses, whether it was wearing them while playing sports, driving my car or just to see another person across the room.

I now have 20/15 vision in both eyes. I'm looking forward to hitting more fairways on the golf course and raising my batting average on the baseball field.

I had heard through friends, co-workers, and even other doctors that when it comes to LASIK, Hale Vision Laser & Implant Center was the best. It didn't take much time before I realized they were right.

The technology Dr. Hale uses at his office is truly amazing. It's called All-Laser CustomVue LASIK. No more worries about a razor-like blade to create a corneal flap. The LASIK surgery is done completely with a laser - that's right, a laser - to create the flap, and a laser to correct your vision. The CustomVue, in essence, takes a fingerprint of your eye that tells the laser precisely how to reshape your cornea.

With all the personal attention given to me before, during and after my correction surgery, it's obvious that Dr. Hale cares about my vision. I felt so comfortable and confident throughout the entire process and can honestly say that with Dr. Hale, I got the very best!

Jason Booth
Producer, Weber & Dolan
News/Talk 1130 WISN
My name is Andy and I'm 23 years old. I had LASIK eye correction surgery with IntraLase in July of 2004. The results were excellent. Previous to the surgery I had a prescription of about -6.00 in both eyes. Without my contacts or glasses I was unable to perform simple daily tasks such as driving, reading, or watching TV.

Twenty-four hours after surgery I had 20/20 vision in both eyes which has since improved to 20/15 over the months. I have experienced no long-term side effects such as halos or dryness.

My eyesight was my only restriction holding me back for Navy SEAL training. Now I am good to go. I absolutely recommend LASIK eye surgery at Hale Vision. The staff is very competent and caring and I could not have wished for better results.

I am so happy I found Dr Hale. After years of wearing contacts or glasses I am so pleased with the results of my intralase surgery. I was very comfortable after learning that Dr Hale had all the latest equipment and technology for this type of surgery.

After careful consideration, I chose to have Dr. Hale perform monovision surgery. Now I can still use my vision for up close reading, but my vision for distance has improved dramatically!

For me this was the right choice and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. The follow up and care and concern of Dr Hale, Dr Ziegler and their staff is unmatched.

Thank You!
Patti Genko
I am so happy I found Dr Hale. After years of wearing contacts or glasses I am so pleased with the results of my intralase surgery. I was very comfortable after learning that Dr Hale I have been wearing corrective lenses since the 8th grade. Wearing contact lenses during leisure activities never worked well for me as my eyes had difficulty tolerating them; eyeglasses were cumbersome. Several years ago, I conferred with my Doctor, Dr. Susan Orvis of Cedarburg, regarding Lasik surgery. It was her sound recommendation that I postpone surgery until my prescription had stabilized. Finally, my vision settled and I embarked on the task of finding a surgeon with whom to entrust my precious sight.

After extensive investigation and careful consideration, I selected Hale Vision Laser & Implant Center. Dr. Hale's experience, success, and reputation along with the Center's knowledgeable staff and convenient location diffused any apprehensions I had regarding the procedure.

Each step of the process was clearly and affably explained. A thorough series of tests determined that I was indeed a candidate for Lasik. Hale Vision Correction Center provided the option to have pre/postoperative care done with Dr. Orvis. The Hale Vision Correction Center coordinated all the scheduling and paperwork with Dr. Orvis, leaving no detail to chance.

On the day prior to my surgery, I attended an information session led by Dr. Hale. On the day of the surgery all went as had been explained the night before. I was provided a packet of instructions to take home. Less than 24 hours after the surgery, I had my first post-operative exam with my Dr. Orvis. Dr. Hale had already called her to check on my progress. I saw 20/20 in my right eye and 20/30 in my left eye. I was amazed. Freedom from eyeglasses and contact lenses is more incredible than I could have ever imagined. The staff at Hale Vision Correction Center is very professional, friendly and informative. Their state of the art facility is pleasant and comfortable as well. I felt very relaxed and reassured during my surgery and in Dr. Hale's care.

Roger Brotz
I found out about the Hale Vision Center from an acquaintance of mine. She mentioned that she had Dr. Hale performed her corrective surgery and had such a positive experience, that I decided to check it out for myself. I did some research and looked into a couple of doctors. All things considered, I found the Hale Vision Center to be the most impressive. Beginning with the very first phone call to the office, I received the highest level of service and care.

It has been about six months since I had my procedure. I dont even remember that I once wore glasses. Due to dry eyes and allergies, I was a terrible contact lens wearer. Therefore, I was stuck wearing glasses 95% of the time. The results of my surgery are simply magnificent. I highly recommend the procedure to anyone who qualifies. As far as the procedure itself, it is quick and well maneuvered. I can actually see now better than I ever could with glasses or contacts. I am a high maintenance patient, as I literally have to lie down for a simple blood draw. So when people ask about the procedure, I always tell them, "if I can do it, anyone can." The careful attention given to me before, during and after my surgery has left me with no doubt that I made the right choice for my corrective surgery."

Jennifer Cork
Until Intralase became available I was not a good candidate for LASIK. Dr. Hale's commitment to the latest technology and surgical techniques has given me freedom from my glasses and contact lenses. Custom LASIK has provided me with outstanding vision. I am confident when I refer my patients to Dr. Hale and his staff that they will be receiving unmatched expertise and personalized care.

Daryl Kruse, O.D.
Where do I start in my appreciation to the entire staff at the Hale Vision Institute. I was very frightened and excited at the same time about being able to wake up and see! Everything from the atmosphere, to the kind, warm smiles, reassurances and exemplary customer service truly set the tone for my experience!

As an Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, I appreciate quality care in understanding each individual needs when it comes to image. Everyone at Hale did just that! Being able to see crystal clear - even better than I had hoped is a dream come true! To top it off, my fears were so unfounded as the whole surgery was only minutes per eye and the next day I felt like I had just opened the best gift... my sight!

Thank you to everyone at Hale from a very grateful heart!

Margaret Wendt
Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics
I love the outdoors and my glasses were either dirty or sliding off. Contacts worked well, but irritated my eyes, not to mention the cost. I had heard a lot about the advances made in Lasik and after my consultation I decided it was time. To me, it is so liberating to have one less thing to be dependent on. And what a wonderful staff.

Marie McGinnis

I thought about getting Lasik for several years before I actually had it done. Finally, I was so frustrated with the poor quality vision I had with contact lenses and the distortion I experienced with glasses that I decided it was time to have the surgery.
The morning after surgery I could see better than 20/20 in both eyes! Definitely made the right decision. It is such a pleasure to see with clarity.

Mike Goldstone, M.D.
As a mother of a 4 year old son and 2 year old identical twin girls, laser vision correction has improved my life immensely. I can now show my 4 year old son how to color and stay within the lines, and I can now see distinguishing features that identify my twins. Furthermore, I can see that my babies are the most beautiful children ever!

Elyse Zirzo - Wisconsin
I can't begin to describe how I felt before the laser surgery... scared, nervous, uptight, apprehensive and just plain doubtful of the whole procedure. As soon as I went in for my consultation, though, the staff immediately made me feel very much at ease. The staff seemed so confident in their abilities and of Dr. Hales, that I felt like there was no reason for me to be so worried!

The actual procedure itself was done in about ten minutes or so - and that was for both eyes! There was no pain whatsoeverjust a slight pressure on the eye as Dr. Hale performed the procedure.

When the laser surgery was over, I could already see a lot more clearly. And by the next morning, I was driving back to Dr. Hale's office without any glasses!

My new vision has helped me so much in my career and has given me more freedom in playing with my kids. It truly was and still is a miracle!

I did my research on all of the doctors in the area and I can tell you one name kept coming up again and again - Dr. Lanny B. Hale. If I had to do this all over again, I would do it exactly the same way. I have no regrets whatsoever about this procedure - and I don't have to worry about wearing my contacts ever again! Keep up the great work Doc!

Steve Teeling, Chief Meteorologist
WPXI Pittsburg, PA
It has been one month since my surgery and I still am in wonder that I can see without either the glasses or contacts that I've worn for over 40 years. There has not been a day that passed that I haven't given a prayer of thanks for Dr. Hale's skills, the compassion and knowledge of the staff, and the technology that has made my eyesight better.

Pamela Christiaansen - Racine, WI
Most pleased to experience 21st-century expectations in the 20th! The procedure is amazingly fast, painless and comfortable. Definitely Dr. Hale is on the bow-wave of LASIK'S oncoming tide.

Jay E. Whichmann - Hale's Corners, WI
(262) 789-9179

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I can't begin to describe how I felt before the laser surgery... scared, nervous, uptight, apprehensive and just plain doubtful of the whole procedur... Read More

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